Mothers on the Margins

Indigenous women, or those from other cultural minorities, are more likely to die or face complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

Health Poverty Action’s Mothers on the Margins campaign is calling for action to change this – and working in partnership with indigenous communities themselves so innovative solutions can be found.

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Robin Hood Tax campaign

A tiny tax on international bankers’ transactions could generate hundreds of billions of pounds to tackle global poverty, climate change, and social needs in the UK as well.

We need your support to make this a reality. You can learn more about the campaign and contact the Treasury to let them know the Robin Hood Tax is a great way to raise money to protect spending at home and abroad.

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Trading With Lives

India is one of the biggest producers of life-saving, cheap generic medicines for developing countries. Without access to these drugs the lives of millions of the poorest people around the world are at risk.

We believe everyone deserves the right to access the medicines they need to keep them alive and healthy. That is why are campaigning to ensure that developing countries have access to generic medicines.

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