Policy & Resources

Our guide to health and development

Welcome to Health Poverty Action’s guide to health and development. We’ve pulled together our Policy & Resources information about some of the key issues that face the world in its struggle for health for all.

Key Issues:

The determinants of health
The cycle of poverty and poor health
Tax and health
International aid, financing and debt
International trade and health
Weak health systems
Maternal and child health
Health rights and marginalisation
Millennium Development Goals

All these things are closely intertwined – if we want to make a real difference to global health we can’t address each one in isolation, we need to look at the wider picture.

We hope these pages enable you to do just that.  Each section gives you an overview of the key issues and what we think needs to be done to address them. You can then delve deeper into particular topics to find out more, and read about related projects that Health Poverty Action is involved in.

We hope you find these pages useful and inspiring.