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News from July 2012

Indigenous Health Workshop at The People’s Health Assembly


On Sunday 8th of July, Health Poverty Action hosted a workshop at the People’s Health Assembly in Cape Town on indigenous people’s health. Speakers from the aboriginal Alyawarre community in Australia, the San in Namibia, and the Maya in Guatemala ... Read more

Family Planning Summit: An issue which can’t be ignored


Today’s Family Planning Summit is a welcome and overdue opportunity to focus on an aspect of global health that has been neglected for many years. This Cinderella of health services has been the victim of politics, particularly the power of ... Read more

Catching up with Mission Oz


We were lucky enough to catch up with Mission Oz in London this weekend. The group have just completed the first leg of their round the world bike ride which started in Teesside last week. How’s it all going so ... Read more

Health for all now!


Third People’s Health Assembly gathers in Cape Town Over 700 health activists from more than 90 countries are gathered in Cape Town for the Third People’s Health Assembly to analyse challenges in health and to debate solutions to health inequities. ... Read more

‘Slow progress’ towards reduced maternal mortality in MDG Report 2012


The recent progress report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) shows remarkable improvements in eradicating poverty; the number of people living in extreme poverty has fallen in every developing region. Both MDG 1 to halve the number of people living ... Read more

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