Reimagining Solidarity Survey

Reimagining 'solidarity': how can we move beyond the 'aid' narrative?

Reimagining solidarity: Time to rename 'aid' Language used in the so-called ‘international development’ sector often presents citizens of the Global North as the generous saviours of the Global South. In so doing it masks both historic injustices and current exploitations of power. None more so than the term ‘aid’ which undermines solidarity and distracts us from the real causes of global inequality. With growing consensus on the need to decolonize the language of so called ‘international development’, members of the Kampala Initiative [https://www.medicusmundi.org/kampalainitiative/] are conducting a consultation on alternative names for the financial resources predominantly transferred from rich countries to poorer ones, commonly known as ‘aid’. We aim to find a new term or terms to be adopted by our member organisations. The successful term(s) will reject the current damaging narrative and reflect the need to tackle the root causes of poverty as part of an equitable global movement for change.
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