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2018 July The role of universal health coverage in tackling preventable and treatable diseases

This briefing outlines the importance of building strong health systems that provide Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and concerns about how current UK government policies undermine the pursuit of UHC by poor countries.

2018 April The Alternatives – approaches towards a Life in Full

This report discusses the range of approaches that different countries around the world are taking to create healthier environments and healthier lives.

2018 January Building a 21st century approach to drugs

This briefing outlines how we can approach drug policy in a way that addresses factors such as injustice, inequality and vulnerability, rather than compounding these problems with a hard-line prohibitionist approach.




2017 November Reclaiming Internationalism

This briefing gives 10 progressive policy ideas for global equality from the Progressive Development Forum.




2016 April Developing culturally appropriate health systems

This briefing provides practical examples from our own experience of addressing the barriers to health faced by the
minority groups that we work with.

2016 April Violence against women and girls and the SDGs

This briefing sets out recommendations for tackling gender based violence (GBV) in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Goal 3 on health.

2016 April Drug Policy Recommendations for UNGASS 2016

This document sets out recommendations for drug policy reform in order to facilitate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. These were drafted by Health Poverty Action and an informal coalition of UK development and Drug Policy NGOs for the UNGASS on drugs in New York 19-21 April 2016.

2016 April Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

This briefing discusses the importance of disaggregated data in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for all social and economic groups. It gives recommendations for consideration during the Westminster Hall debate on 13th April.

2016 March Sustainable Development Goal Indicators

This briefing highlights the importance of disaggregating the sustainable Development Goal indicator data by the full range of social and economic groups and puts forward recommendations to ensure no one is left behind. 





2015 December Health and Tax

This briefing looks at the role of tax in creating healthier societies and argues that the health community has a vital contribution to make to this agenda.

2015 December Health and Trade

This briefing outlines the basic principles of free trade, discusses the impacts of trade on health and health systems, and outlines why trade is a fundamental issue for health.

2015 November Drug Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals

Briefing paper on why drug policy reform is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

2015 June Briefing – Debate on Post 2015 House of Commons 15 June

2015 May Healthy Revenues How the extractives industry can support Universal Health Coverage in Sierra Leone

A report about how greater tax revenue from the extractives industry in Sierra Leone can help to fund healthcare.

Key theme: tax revenue

2015 February Casualties of War How the War on Drugs is harming the world’s poorest

A report exploring how the War on Drugs is harming the world’s poorest, and what the international development community can do about it.

Key theme: drug policy reform



2014 December Briefing – The case for establishing new global development goals in 2015 House of Lords 11 December

2014 December Briefing – Reports of the International Development Committee House of Commons 11 December

2014 July Honest Accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses – Briefing

key theme: aid, Africa

2014 July Honest Accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses

This report looks at the amount Africa loses to the rest of the world, in comparison with what it receives in aid and other inflows. It is a response to a growing unease we have at Health Poverty Action that the UK public is not hearing the truth about our financial relationship with Africa. And hence what really needs to happen in order for global poverty to be tackled.

key theme: aid, Africa



2013 October Aid in Reverse: The UK’s responsibility to address the health workforce crisis

A short briefing based on The Health Worker Crisis report. 

Key theme: health worker crisis

2013 October The Health Worker Crisis: an analysis of the issues and main international responses

This report looks at the global shortage of health workers and analyses the issues and main international responses.

Key theme: health worker crisis

2013 October Killing us with hunger: Indigenous perspectives on nutrition, food aid and food sovereignty in the central Amazon of Peru

This report looks at the problems with food aid in Peru, and how to work towards a food sovereignty solution.

Key theme: food sovereignty

2013 October Event report and recommendations: The role of health workers in improving the health of women and girls in low and middle income countries.

A summary and case study material of our policy roundtable and panel discussion held on the 28th October 2013.

Key theme: health systems

2013 May Every mother counts: Reporting data by ethnicity

Key theme: maternal health



2012 October Joint Policy Briefing: Positive Gains: Promoting greater impact on health through HIV and AIDS programming

This briefing from the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development explores the ways in which the HIV response has reverberated across health systems.

Key theme: health systems



2011 November Policy Briefing: Sierra Leone’s Free Healthcare Initiative – Responding to emerging challenges

A review of the important role of Traditional Birth Attendants after Sierra Leone introduced its free healthcare initiative.

Key theme: health systems

2011 October Policy Briefing: Counting Every Mother

A summary briefing on the importance of disaggregating maternal health data by ethnicity.

Key theme: maternal health

2011 September Joint Policy Briefing: Manifesto for Motherhood

A detailed maternal and child health policy briefing pack for Members of Parliament.

Key theme: maternal health

2011 September Joint Policy Briefing: A Financial Transactions Tax for Global Health

Information about how a Financial Transactions Tax could benefit global health

Key theme: tax

2011 July Joint paper: A financial transaction tax for global health

A financial transaction tax (FTT) could turn the global economic crisis into a global opportunity, by making banks, hedge funds and other parts of the financial sector pay their fair share to clear up the mess they helped create – and provide long term financing for global health.

Key theme: tax and health

2011 June Joint briefing pack: A Manifesto for Motherhood

Achieving Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: from Commitment to Action

Key theme: maternal health

2011 June Joint Factsheet: EU-India Free Trade Agreement – Implications for Health

An essential guide to the investment chapter in the EU-India Free Trade Agreement based on information as of June 2011.

Key theme: trade and health

2011 May Joint Policy Briefing – EU-India Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Health

Summary of legal provisions relating to foreign investment and intellectual property which could hamper access to affordable medicines as well as some recommendations to negotiators and the WHO.

Key theme: trade and health



2010 November Report: Sierra Leone’s Free Healthcare Initiative

Report looks at how Sierra Leone’s Free Healthcare Initiative (FHI) is a hugely welcome step for a country with one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality.

Key theme: free healthcare, Sierra Leone

2010 August Factsheet: Counterfeit Medicines – Your Questions Answered

Definitions, and overview of the issues, and recommendations on counterfeit medicines and the broader problem of access to affordable medicines.

Key theme: trade and health

2010 September Joint Policy Briefing: Raising Revenue – A look at Financial Transaction Taxes around the world

An analysis of some countries with existing taxes on financial transactions, showing how such taxes are possible and can raise revenue for public goods.

Key theme: tax

2010 June Campaign Report: Mothers on the Margins

A summary of the challenges indigenous people face when seeking maternal and child healthcare.

Key theme: maternal health

2010 June Campaign Report: Mothers on the Margins (Spanish)

Key theme: maternal health

2010 March Policy Briefing: Abolishing User Fees – Making it work in Sierra Leone and beyond

A summary of the issues surrounding the policy to abolish some user fees for healthcare in Sierra Leone with recommendations on implementation.

Key theme: health systems

2010 February Joint Policy Briefing: The IMF, the Global Crisis and Human Resources for Health

An analysis of how IMF programmes still block progress in investing in public health in developing countries, especially critical to efforts to tackle health worker shortages.

Key theme: aid financing and debt

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