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Tackling injustice with discussion and dialogue


There are few things as infuriating as injustice. Whether it’s extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, or a boy getting hurt in an airstrike in Syria, we all have a sense of what is unfair. And when we’re affected by something that we see as unjust, we want to talk about it – to share our outrage with others and discuss solutions.

Speaking out about an injustice is often the first step towards change. It helps to raise awareness and understanding of the problem and galvanises people to advocate for a solution. We know words are powerful, which is why we often ask our supporters to ‘spread the word’ when we’re campaigning. And discussing an issue, with friends, family, or colleagues, can be more meaningful and have greater impact.

Some of the issues that Health Poverty Action works on are not traditional development issues, and are therefore not in the mainstream consciousness.  That means it is even more important that we bring them to light. That is why we’re launching a new action for our activists –  the Justice Jabber.

The Justice Jabber is a different type of campaign activity. Because discussion and dialogue are two of the most powerful tools we have, we’re asking you to organise a discussion, rooted in social justice, in your local community.


Our first topic for the Justice Jabber is the ‘War on Drugs’. At Health Poverty Action, we’re calling for a re-think to the current approach of drug policies. We know that current methods aimed at controlling the illicit drugs trade, are having unintended but damaging impacts on some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We also know that many people are not aware of this. This makes it a perfect topic for a Justice Jabber.

Through discussing the consequences of current drug policies, you will take a step towards creating change.  Building greater awareness of the issue will help us begin to advocate for a solution, galvanising our supporters to call on World Leaders to reconsider their approach. With a body of informed and engaged supporters behind us, we’ll be hard to ignore.

This is a new approach for us. We know that activities such as petitions and pledges can be powerful, but we also know that to create long-term and sustained change, we need to bring hidden issues to light and help to change people’s minds.

We’d love for you to join us. So sign up to hold a Justice Jabber today – we will send you everything you need – and together, through your activity and feedback, we can strengthen the movement for health justice.

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