Health Poverty Action works to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health in Kenya. 

Kenya has high rates of unemployment, crime and poverty. Poverty and health are closely connected; most Kenyans live below the poverty level of $1 a day and droughts frequently affect the health of millions of people.

  • Life expectancy is just 56 for the main population, and lower for remote communities.
  • 16% of children under 5 are malnourished.
  • In the region of Mandera acute malnutrition is 21%.

In remote regions of Kenya pastoralist communities are geographically isolated and socially and economically marginalised, which means they experience worse health than the rest of the population.

Health Poverty Action is working with pastoralists in the Mandera region near the border of Ethiopia, to strengthen them in their struggle for health.

Poverty in Kenya does not exist in a vacuum; it is partly caused by a global unequal distribution of power and wealth.

Our work in Kenya is supported by the European Union and the UK’s Department for International Development.


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