A Square Meal

Health Poverty Action is working with indigenous families in Laos to make farming more sustainable. Rice is one of the main crops, yet only 30% of families produce enough to last all year.

Checking child nutritionAddressing malnutrition

One in four children in the villages is malnourished. We are teaching people about the nutritional values of different foods, ensuring food is available throughout the year and addressing malnutrition among children.

Mother and baby

Skills for life

Took is learning useful tips from the project. She says:

“I have learnt about breeding fish, cattle and chickens, and am excited to know that fermented rice straw can be used as cattle food, since we have plenty available after the harvest. I also learnt that if you can grow a variety of vegetables at home, you won’t need to buy them from the market and will have more money available for other essentials!”

A tasty mealPreparing a meal

We are also teaching villagers how to prepare new and healthy meals for their families, using available ingredients within their community.

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