Green Fingers in Burma

Health Poverty Action is using innovation to help reduce drug use and the spread of HIV among vulnerable people including drug users and sex workers across the Myanmar/China border.

FarmerVegetables grown by people living with HIV

One way is through increasing people’s independence. Drug users and people living with HIV have set up self-help groups and take part in activities like growing vegetables to earn some money.

Supermarket sweep!


The vegetables prove pretty popular at the local market. Generating income helps to lay the foundations for patients with HIV to reintegrate back into society.

From strength to strength

Local Market

Doi Ra considered suicide when she first discovered her husband had infected her with HIV. After talking to a counsellor, she started a course of anti-retroviral therapy and got better and better. After being trained by Health Poverty Action’s doctors, she began volunteering as a counsellor, doing confidential counselling and testing for HIV patients. With her firsthand experience, Doi Ra feels very passionate about her work.

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