“Being a member of the Community Health Club was invaluable when I suffered complications with my labour. I understood that I must reach the hospital immediately.”

Mamakoh lives in the Sella Limba Chiefdom in Sierra Leone, where she was able to benefit from Health Poverty Action’s work at many stages during her pregnancy.

Weekly meetings of her local Health Club, set up by Health Poverty Action, have allowed her to gain invaluable advice about health issues.

“These meetings have made me more confident about taking care of my own and my children’s health and taught me about potential problems during pregnancy”.

During her difficult labour, staff and volunteers trained by Health Poverty Action referred Mamakoh to hopsital. Unlike many women in Sierra Leone, she suffered no delays in getting to the hospital due to the availability of an ambulance, which we had also provided.

Without timely treatment Mamakoh may have faced death but due to her own knowledge, the quick thinking of those around her and the availability of resources, she was able to give birth to a healthy baby.

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