Take Action

Write to EU and Indian officials on both sides of the negotiating table for a Free Trade Agreement


We are calling for:

  • Profits must not be prioritised over the lives of the poorest people around the world: Rich countries and pharmaceutical companies must not pursue a profit-driven agenda within trade agreements by actively seeking to block access to affordable generic medicines to protect their own interests.
  • Distribution of affordable generic medicines to the poorest for free: Developing countries need to demonstrate the political will to acquire affordable medicines using the TRIPS flexibilities
  • Consensus on a narrower definition of ‘counterfeit’: At the international level, every effort should be made to find consensus on a narrower definition of ‘counterfeit’, as the continuing use of overly broad definitions will only serve to endanger the lives of the poorest by blocking access to affordable medicines.
  • Access to essential medicines may not fall victim to investor-state arbitration. Intellectual property should be removed from bilateral investment treaties as falling under the definition of investment; at the very least there must be exceptions for public health. Most importantly democracy must be reinstalled by removing the investor-to-state arbitration mechanism from investment chapters.


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