Join the debate- resources

We need to rethink drug policy, but we can’t do that without your help to change the rhetoric around drugs.

How much time can you give to change people’s perceptions about drug policy, and contribute to a new discussion about the alternatives?

5 minutes: Send a quick email to your friends to explain the issue, and share the animation. Get some ideas from our email template:

Email your friends- Editable template

1 hour: Write to your local newspaper, magazine or website about this issue using our template and ‘how to’ guide:

Write to your Newspaper- Template and tips

A few hours: Sign up to take part in a Justice Jabber! Ever seen an injustice and wanted to shout about it? Then this is for you! Speaking out about an issue is the first step towards changing it. Injustice can be complex but this brand new event, the Justice Jabber will help you to unpick the myth from the reality and enable you to share your thoughts with the people you know.





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