Take part in a Justice Jabber

We all like to talk with friends, whether that be down the pub one evening, or over a cup of coffee in the living room. Quite often we bash out the political issues of the hour, or discuss the social injustices we have seen reported in the news.

But what about those less well known social injustices having huge impacts on our society?

At Health Poverty Action we campaign against the causes of social injustice and inequality worldwide. They are not always the most obvious causes; often they are normalised in society and practised daily. The first step in tackling these issues is getting them recognised publicly as problems.

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The Justice Jabber is a fantastic way for activists like you to spread the word in your community about these injustices.

And it’s such a simple event to organise; whether you hold an hour long lunch session at work, an evening gathering at the pub, or a weekend meeting at your local community hall. It’s up to you!

We want to help you bring people together to learn about new issues, and share ideas for shaping a more just world.


Our first Justice Jabber is on the topic of global drug policies, and how they are undermining development and damaging lives.

Sign up to order your Justice Jabber resource pack here:



A bit daunted by running your own event? Don’t be! Your resource pack will provide you with everything you need to run your Justice Jabber. It includes some helpful guidelines on how you might want to structure your event, and some great resources to get the discussion flowing. You can even turn your event in to a fundraiser if you would like to support the work we do on these issues!


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