Robin Hood Tax

Health Poverty Action is part of a coalition of organisations calling for a Robin Hood Tax.

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Over a million actions have been taken demanding that banks pay their fair share to help those hit hardest by the financial crisis.

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What is a Robin Hood Tax?

The Robin Hood Tax, or Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), is a a way to raise money from the financial sector that can be used to tackle poverty and climate change in the UK and across the world.

It is, essentially, a tiny tax on the financial sector which will have a huge impact on the world.

The big idea behind the Robin Hood Tax is to generate billions of pounds – hopefully even hundreds of billions of pounds, from fairer taxation of the financial sector.

A tiny tax on the financial sector could generate £20 billion annually in the UK alone.

In the UK that’s enough to protect schools and hospitals and stop massive cuts across the public sector. Globally it will make a huge difference to people living in poverty, and it will help to address the climate challenges our world is facing.

The banks can afford it. The systems are in place to collect it. It won’t affect ordinary members of the public, it’s fair, it’s timely, and it’s possible.

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Robin Hood Tax coalition

A wide range of charities, faith groups, trade unions and campaigns have come together in support of the Robin Hood Tax.

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