It Takes a Village Partners

Bébé Voyage connects globetrotting parents, trading resources, tips and (mis)adventures to ease and enrich family travel experiences.

Bébé Voyage is made up of globetrotting parents who have seen the world and are now part of an empowering global community. We are asking our membership to join us and extend the support they offer each other, to parents around the world.
Juliette and Marianne, co-founders

Bébé Voyage is helping to raise funds for ‘It Takes a Village’ in lots of exciting ways! Keep an eye out for a co-branded product (coming soon!) with 50% of the proceeds going straight to the charity. You can also support by kindly choosing to add a £1 donation at checkout.

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A delicious non-alcoholic spirit who are passionate about offering customers a celebratory, sophisticated, grown up drinks with no alcohol.

As a father, I have seen first-hand and felt the strong emotions and risks around childbirth. We are so fortunate to have great medical care in the UK, but there are so many places where mothers and children don’t have the resources needed. With my pregnant wife being one of the drivers in developing a naturally delicious grown up drink, I felt that Borrago should get behind the It Takes a Village campaign. Tom Tuke- Hastings, Borrago’s founder

Host a drinks party using Borrago non-alcoholic spirit and raise a glass to mums around the world. Ask your friends to donate the price of a cocktail to support mothers around the world access essential healthcare during pregnancy and birth.

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