Coronavirus Action

We're on the front-lines working with communities across three continents to prevent COVID-19 spreading. Support our work by fundraising and campaigning for a healthier world!


Disappointed by all your cancelled plans? Us too. Fundraising events that we rely on to support our work have been cancelled, which means that we’ve seen thousands of pounds virtually disappear overnight.

But at Health Poverty Action we’re used to adapting to a complex world, that’s what we do. So we have an alternative plan- an Isolation Marathon!

Most Marathon’s take 4.5 hours to complete, so we’re asking everyone to come together and create an alternative marathon while you’re at home! Whether it’s live streaming a cooking demonstration, or settling in for a movie marathon of all the Harry Potter films, turn your quarantine to-do list into a fundraising marathon for Health Poverty Action.

Simply set up a Just Giving page below to share with your friends and family, and share your marathon goals using our hashtag #myisolationmarathon – together we can stand in solidarity with communities around the world!

Set up a page on JustGiving today and start your isolation marathon!

Set up a fundraising page