Change Is Happening

Learn about the changes happening from the people pushing for them around the world

Change for the better is happening all over the world. From the indigenous women demanding their rights in Guatemala, to the health workers bringing malaria treatment to the most remote areas of Laos, we see this change daily in the incredible people we work with.

In solidarity with these community activists, we provide support in all the ways we can – from giving medical training and supplies to strengthen health systems, to policy research and campaigns to change the policies creating poverty and poor health to begin with. Explore where we work, what our latest campaign issues are, and meet some of the brilliant people we work with in this section.

Join our re-education movement!

With calls growing to bring the truth about Britain’s legacy of colonialism into classrooms, now teachers, students and parents can take matters into their own hands with our free lesson plan exploring colonialism and the roots of global poverty aimed at 16-18-year-olds (Key Stage 5).

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Meet Xao

Five months pregnant with her second child, Xao lives in the remote region of Tsumkwe, Namibia...

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The Alternatives

The scale of the global health challenges we face can make it easy to forget that alternatives are not only possible – they are being implemented right now! From the strong welfare of the Nordic countries to Ecuador’s focus on the Good Life - join us as we take inspiration from alternatives happening around the world today.

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