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Health Poverty Action outreach workers in Myanmar

We see health differently. We do what’s needed, not what’s easiest, to stop health being denied. Watch this 3 minute video where Martin Drewry, our Director, explains our work.

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Guatemala in focus

Find out about our work with communities to strengthen healthcare, improve nutrition, empower women and address ethnic discrimination

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Make a regular gift and join the Health Poverty Action Community, helping to create sustainable change where it is really needed.

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Maternal health for the San people in Namibia

Five months pregnant with her second child. Xao lives in the remote region of Tsumkwe, Namibia. She understands the importance of visiting the health centre.

Health workers like Deiu are using smartphones to tackle malaria

In remote border regions of Vietnam, technology is playing a key part in the fight against malaria.

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The Root Causes

We tackle unfair power structures to challenge the real root causes of poverty & ill health

We work alongside affected communities and activist groups to expose global inequalities, and we offer solutions to the current system we live in that puts profit over people's health.

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Drug policy is a barrier to climate justice!

Learn more about the Coalition we are involved with and how we're exposing the link between prohibition and climate change.

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Share the Science

COVID-19 vaccines were funded by public money; however, they were given to rich and powerful countries first. Women and girls in Kenya told us about their experience during the pandemic. Their experience shows us why we need to #SharetheScience.

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