International Coalition on Drug Policy Reform and Environmental Justice

In February 2023 the International Coalition on Drug Policy Reform and Environmental Justice was formed.

We are an “emergent” coalition that is non-hierarchical, multi-lingual, transnational, and growing. We are from different spaces, experiences, and perspectives. Our global coalition is composed of advocates, activists, artists and academics from both the drug policy reform movement and the environmental and climate movement. Members are from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar, the Netherlands and the UK.

Image credit: Javie Huxley

Our aims

Our aim is to connect the dots between these two areas and raise awareness on how current drug policy is undermining environmental justice as well as efforts to prepare for and mitigate the climate emergency. We seek reforms to drug policy that centre ecological harm reduction and the responsible legal regulation of the drugs trade. The coalition has agreed the following approach to raise this vital issue to public consciousness and propel it up the global policy agenda:

Agitate. To participate at events, conferences and workshops where drug policy and/or climate and environment is absent.  

Elevate. Create a recognised global and diverse network of members. 

Communicate. Raise awareness by collating evidence and testimonies. 

Accountability. Ensure that the interests of those most impacted and regions most harmed are always at the forefront of this work, and call out green washing of these issues and efforts that reduce or minimize the crisis of this intersection.  

Recognising that this policy arena has historically been dominated by agendas of the Global North or Minority World, the coalition is intersectoral and is a space to share knowledge, experience and privilege.


Get talking about drugs!

Advice for the environmental justice sector!


The coalition meets bi-monthly. To get involved contact [email protected]