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As part of our commitment to decolonisation, Health Poverty Action no longer has a head office in the UK. In fact, we no longer have a head office at all. Instead we now have a global Core Team, working and connecting virtually, from decentralised locations around the world. We believe this decentralised and more localised model is more in keeping with our values, and makes for a much more diverse team with more varied and more appropriate local connections.

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Board of Trustees

The Health Poverty Action governing body is made up of voluntary trustees.

They delegate management of the organisation to the Director, but the trustees remain ultimately responsible for the affairs of the charity, ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering appropriate outcomes in terms of public benefit.

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Special Advisors

In addition to our skilled Board of Trustees, we occasionally work with generous special advisors, who give their time and wisdom to support our work.

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