Working in partnership

By working with Health Poverty Action, you are supporting people around the world to take charge of their own health.

Benefits to partnering with Health Poverty Action:

  • A simple way to demonstrate your values as an organisation.
  • Partner with a small charity and make a big difference.
  • Choose a charity campaign that appeals to your customer base. Organisations that partner with charities aligned with their consumers, statistically see a growth in sales. In fact, evidence suggests that 33% of consumers buy from brands they believe are doing social good.
  • Engage your audience through interesting case studies and pictures on social media- let us help you to offer your customers additional ways to engage with you across a variety of platforms.

As a major provider of education & CPD to GPs in the UK and abroad, we are delighted to partner with Health Poverty Action and support their #AsOne initiative. We love the support that they give to our health professional colleagues around the world and we are excited to see our members contributing to this great work.
-Dr Simon Curtis, Medical Director of NB Medical

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