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We work alongside communities to support their daily struggle for health. Our work ranges from making health clinics stronger and more accessible, to directly improving livelihoods and creating the conditions in which people can realise their right to health. We campaign at all levels to tackle the power imbalances at the root of poor health.

Our work is often in remote areas, where the presence of other organisations is not felt. We maintain a strong voice in our campaigns because we don’t believe people should have to compromise when it comes to their right to health. Contribute in whatever way you can and you will be helping to tackle injustice alongside every community we work with.

As our supporters, you help the communities we work with to speak out and fight injustice, and strengthen our campaigners to say the things no-one else is saying.

Cambodia in Motion Appeal

From affordable mosquito repellent to a harm reduction approach to drugs - we’re working alongside communities in Cambodia to develop groundbreaking initiatives and address people’s needs.

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Join our global community

Make a monthly donation and join the Health Poverty Action Community; a global community of health workers, activists and extraordinary people building a healthier, more prosperous world for all!

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Pledge to rename aid

How we communicate about global solidarity is important. Oftentimes language can undermine solidarity and mask the root causes of inequality. Make the pledge to rename aid today!

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Community and Events

You can run, sing, or 'stomp' to fundraise for health justice. Take part in one of our events, or hold your own in your community.

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Leave a gift in your Will

Find out more about how you can leave a gift in your Will and make a lasting impact.

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Trusts and Corporates

Partnerships are key to strengthening health systems and supporting marginalised communities. Learn how your trust or company can help.

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Support our Appeals

Look back on some of our appeals and find out how you can assist the communities, health workers and activists challenging health injustice.

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