Drug Policy Reform

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The prohibition of drugs has wreaked havoc on public health, leading to the denial of healthcare and medication, punishing of poverty, diverting resources from public services, destruction of ecosystems, and emboldening organised crime, among other consequences.


Drug reform for people and planet

From harming public health to destabilising whole societies, the prohibition of drugs causes immense harm to people across the world. That’s why we campaign for drugs to be legally regulated in a way that supports people and planet. Imagining what the world will look like if we legally regulate drugs can be challenging; but reforms are happening now! We are working to build a new legal drugs trade with social justice at its heart.

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Our current campaigning focuses on two areas from the lens: environmental justice and economic justice.

Environmental Justice: Drug Policy is Climate Policy

We bring key organisations and actors together to expose the link between prohibition and climate change. The 'war on drugs' has created an unregulated, profit-driven drugs trade that operates in areas key to our climate survival. So long as we allow this trade to thrive and control vital areas of our planet, we cannot effectively implement necessary policies for climate justice.

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Health Poverty Action is proud to facilitate the International Coalition on Drug Policy Reform and Environmental Justice rapidly growing coalition of advocates, activists and academics with members from Bolivia, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia Myanmar the Netherlands and the UK.

How to end the damage of the 'war on drugs'How to end the damage of the 'war on drugs'

Economic Justice: Drug Policy undermines Economic Justice

The so called ‘war on drugs’ undermines economic justice. It creates and sustains poverty, whilst denying resources for welfare and public services. Learn more about how legal regulation can generate income for countries and families.

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