A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Need ideas to help raise money and support Health Poverty Action? Take a look at our Fundraising A-Z for inspiration!

Download a PDF of A-Z fundraising ideas here.


AUCTION – Gather items from your friends and family, local businesses and workplace, and host an auction – online or in person – to raise funds and have a great time doing so.

ABSEILING – Abseil down a hotel or local landmark and invite loved ones and members of your community to support you.

ABRACADABRA! MAGIC SHOW – Host a magic show for friends and their children, to get together and show off your tricks.


BAKE SALE – Bake fairy cakes, brownies and cookies to sell in your office, university or common area and enjoy delicious treats together.

BAKE OFF COMPETITION – Invite friends, colleagues or members of your community group to show off their skills by baking and getting together to judge the creations – of course you’ll have to sample them all!

BRING AND BUY – Host a bring and buy sale at school or work and encourage everyone to bring their unwanted treasures and find them a new home.

BINGO – Download our Health Poverty Action Bingo cards, or create your own, and bingo the night away with donated prizes for the winners!


CHOIRS FOR CHANGE – Ask your choir or singing group to join our Choirs for Change campaign or to put on a show and make a difference through song.

CHAI FOR CHANGE – Host a tea and coffee morning with friends, colleagues and community members.

CURRY FOR CHANGE – Hold a dinner party and make delicious curry dishes for everyone to try, then all donate the cost of your typical curry takeaway.

CAR BOOT SALE – Dig through your loft, garage and under-the-bed storage to find hidden treasures you no longer need and help them find a new home at your local car boot sale.

CRAFTERNOON – Have a craft afternoon at school and make macaroni bracelets, mother’s day cards or Easter bonnets.


DINNER PARTY – Make a lovely dinner and have guests over to share good food for a good cause.

DECLUTTER – Sort through your home and sell items you no long want.

DONATE YOUR BIRTHDAY – Ask for donations instead of birthday presents, you can do this online via social media too. You can also do this for your graduation or other celebratory event!


ENDURANCE CHALLENGE – Get sponsored to demonstrate your endurance by doing 100 push-ups a day, livestream yourself walking until your hit your target or an endurance challenge of your own creation.

EASYFUNDRAISING.CO.UK – Download the easyfundraising extension to your browser and select Health Poverty Action as your charity and we’ll receive donations for FREE every time you shop online!

EBAY – Sell unwanted items on eBay and donate the funds.


FILM NIGHT – Hold a film night at home, your community centre or school and sell tickets. Grab the popcorn and get cosy!

FACEBOOK FUNDRAISING – Set up a fundraiser on Facebook and ask for donations. Don’t forget to say thank you to everyone who donates!

FANCY DRESS DAY – Organise a fancy dress day at work or school and donate £1 to wear something fun for the day. You could even theme it, e.g. superhero’s, tv show characters or puns. Halloween is a great time to try this out!


GROW A BEARD – If you can grow a beard why not try doing so for charity? Update people on social media with your progress and then do a big reveal with a shaved face at the end of the month!

GAME FOOD GOOD – Board games, video games or hide-and-seek, gather some supplies and host a games night at home, or ask your school to do a game afternoon at the end of term.

GIVE IT UP – Pledge to give something up for a month and ask for sponsors. Say TTFN to chocolate, cups of tea or your personal favourite for a whole month!

GIVE AS YOU LIVE – Shop online and raise money for FREE with Give As You Live on your browser. Let friends and family know about this free way to donate too.


HEADSHAVE – A classic! Promise to shave your head live on Facebook or TikTok when you hit your fundraising target.

HELP OUT – Offer your lawn mowing, painting, or baby sitting skills for donations.


INTERNATIONAL FOOD PARTY – Host an international food party and ask attendees to bring their own dish, from a recent holiday destination or somewhere they hope to visit one day.

INSTAGRAM FUNDRAISING – Publish an Instagram fundraiser on your story and let your followers know why you care about Health Poverty Action.


JUMBLE SALE – Pick up unwanted items from friends, family and around the house and sell them at your own jumble sale.

JUSTGIVING – Create a JustGiving fundraising page and personalise it to show why you care about Health Poverty Action. Ask donors to use your page so you can track how much you raise over time!


KICK A HABIT – Get sponsored to kick a habit, for a month or for good. Can you take the stairs but always end up using the lift? Do you reach for fizzy drinks instead of water? Kick a habit and update people on your progress.

KARAOKE – Host a karaoke night and invite people to show off their singing skills with duets, solos and big group numbers!

KNIT-AND-STITCH – Get a group together to meet up and get crafty making your creations together.


LONDON MARATHON – Run the London Marathon (or another one!) with #TeamHPA and participate in this bucket list experience.

LOOSE CHANGE COLLECTION – Chat to colleagues and ask them to donate their loose change in their pockets. £1.37, £5.60, or £40 – everything helps!


MUSIC CONCERT – Host a musical concert in your community centre and ask local bands to put on a show!

MAKE-A-THON – Get together and make, make, make! Create new artwork for your bedroom, lip scrubs for Christmas presents, or create your own project to work on.

MURDER MYSTERY PARTY – Organise a murder mystery party for friends, whether you make your own or use an online script. Encourage everyone to dress up in character and solve the mystery.


NAIL ART – Paint designs on people’s nails for donations. Flowers, polka dots or tie dye swirls, you can paint whatever you want.

NO SMOKING – Give up smoking and ask for sponsors to keep you on track!

NAME THE TEDDY BEAR – This works great at a children’s fayre! Pick a cute name for a furry friend and ask people to take guesses, the winner gets a new fluffy friend.


OPEN MIC NIGHT – Host an open mic night and encourage people to sing, perform comedy skits, monologue or show off their magic tricks.


PUB QUIZ – Go down to your local pub and ask to put on a quiz for Health Poverty Action. Make your own questions around different themes, or have a central theme throughout.

POKER NIGHT – Play poker and have a great night, and donate the money you win!


QUIZ NIGHT – Create a quiz and ask for donated items for prizes! You can do the quiz at work via email, or in person and make a night of it.

QUIET DAY – Get sponsored to remain silent and not speak for a whole day. This is great to do in the office so people can see your efforts!


READ-A-THON – Hold a read-a-thon with your local library or community group. See who can read the most books in a given time!

RAFFLE – Use donated items to put on a raffle. From bottles of wine, to designer handbags, see what items you can receive from friends and community members and have fun raffling them off.


STREET PARTY – Host a street party for your neighbours to raise funds for Health Poverty Action. You could even hold it on World Health Day (7th April).

SPRING CLEAN SALE – Why not do a spring clean and sell your unwanted items on Facebook marketplace?

SAVOO – Another FREE way to raise money by shopping online with Savoo and choosing Health Poverty Action as your charity.


TOMBOLA – Organise a tombola at your local fayre or in your office.

TALENT SHOW – Put on a show! Invite people to come and perform and compete for a prize. This is great for a school or university event.

TRIBUTE FUND – Set up a fundraiser in memory of a loved one who supported HPA or who values our work.


UPCYCLE – Upcycle unwanted treasures from your home and give them a new life and a new home.

UGLY JUMPER DAY – Have an ugly jumper day at work or school, and ask everyone to bring in a £1 to participate.


VIDEO GAMES NIGHT – Host a video games night with friends. You could even livestream it on Twitch!

VOLUNTEERING – Volunteer at an HPA event to support our work with your time.


WINDOW CLEANING – Offer your window cleaning services for donations. You could ask your neighbours or even clean the cars of friends and family.

WEAR GREEN – Ask people at work to wear green for the day to raise awareness of HPAs work and donate £1 to take part.

WINE TASTING – Host a wine tasting event one evening, and get together tasting delicious wines, and maybe find a new favourite!


X MARKS THE SPOT – Organise a treasure hunt! Ask people to donate and create teams to find clues you’ve hidden around the local park. Whoever finds the prize first wins!

XMAS DINNER – Hold a Christmas dinner for work, and ask everyone to donate the money they would normally have spent on a dinner and drinks out.


YOGA CLASS – Organise a yoga class and show off your skills by leading a class through movement. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this class is sure to be fun!

YARN-BOMBING – Create cosy yarn items for local trees, benches and landmarks and put them up (with permissions!). Attach a QR code and description of HPA to your yarn-bombing so people can see your creations and say thank you through donations.


ZUMBATHON – Host a Zumba class and dance for health justice!