Request for Tender Discharge Kits Somaliland

Health Poverty Action (HPA) with funding from the Caritas Switzerland for the implementation of Comprehensive Caregiver Support Project hereby request you to submit price quotation(s) for the supply of the item(s) listed on the attached Bidding Form titled SOM-CCS-P170086-140219-5

The RFT details are as follows:

Commodity: Discharge Kits

RFT Period: 18/02/2019 – 11/03/2019

RFT Closure Date and Time: 5pm East African Time 11th March 2019

Required Minimum validity period: 60 days

The following documents must be submitted either in hard copy in a sealed envelope or submitted signed and stamped PDF files to the secure email address [email protected] and [email protected] for your Bid to be accepted by the HPA Tender Opening Committee:

  1. The attached HPA RFT Bid Form (Annex P25) must be completed and submitted in accordance with the RFT Instructions at Annex P25. The Delivery Period must also be shown on the Bid Form.
  2. The attached Conditions of Participation (Annex P24) must completed and be duly authorized by an authorized company representative and a copy of the Company Registration Certificate accompanying.
  3. Signed and stamped HPA General Terms & Conditions
  4. Signed and stamped HPA Code of Ethics

Tender Documentation

HPA RFT Bid Form

Conditions of Participation

HPA General Terms & Conditions

HPA Code of Ethics