Catch up on our fringe event at the Labour Party conference

How do we deliver health for all in the time of COVID-19?

Our virtual event at this year’s Labour “Connected” conference explored the question “What will it take to deliver Universal Health Coverage and strong health systems worldwide in the time of Covid-19?“. We were lucky enough to be joined by a wonderful panel of speakers including;

The event was chaired by Professor Anuj Kapilashrami, Professor in Global Health Policy & Equity, University of Essex/People’s Health Movement.

It was a jam-packed discussion covering the importance of strong public health systems for Universal Health Coverage – especially in the time of COVID-19, the failures of private for-profit approaches, and the important role aid plays in ensuring access to healthcare worldwide.

We also explored the need to go beyond aid and address the wider global economic context which concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the few, undermining governments’ ability to invest in health the world over.  In order to achieve #HealthForAll we need to address this inequality as a matter of fairness and social justice, not charity!

You can find the slides for the event here.