Health in Action – autumn 2018

Building capacity to improve healthcare

A San mother with her baby on her back in Namibia

Welcome to the autumn 2018 edition of Health in Action! In this edition, we explore how building internal capacity is crucial for long-term change. Meet expectant mother Xao, one of the incredible women who are demanding their rights and taking charge of their own health.

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Women should be able to feel excitement, not fear, at the birth of a child but what happens when you live three days walk from the closest clinic? Or there simply aren’t enough trained health workers to support you through a difficult pregnancy?

Maternal health is a huge part of our work at Health Poverty Action. Not only do we support remote health facilities across Asia, Africa and Latin America, but we address the root causes of the problem – by tackling discrimination, by working alongside local government to improve infrastructure, and by providing training traditional birth attendants with the medical skills they need.