Health in Action – spring 2019

Malaria outreach in remote Cambodia and more in our Spring Newsletter

A member of our malaria outreach team sits on the bow of a boat next to the motor

Welcome to the spring 2019 edition of Health in Action – this time with a focus on tackling malaria in celebration of World Malaria Day. Read about the people standing up for the health of their communities – from Saigseiha and Taounsay working in Cambodia to eliminate malaria, to Nilmani speaking out for healthcare and women’s rights in rural India. You can also learn about what we are doing to put respect at the heart of our communications.

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If you want to learn more about our work on malaria, check out both our World Malaria day blogs – spend a day with the Malaria Outreach Team in Cambodia, or meet the Community Health Workers tackling malaria in Sierra Leone.