Health Poverty Action at the Labour Party Conference

Every year, Health Poverty Action is delighted to represent your voices at the Labour Party’s Annual Conference, held this year on the 21st - 25th September, where parliamentarians and delegates come together to determine the policy and direction of the Labour Party. If you are in Brighton please join us! 

Labour Party Conference

‘Reclaiming Internationalism: Building a World for the Many’, hosted by Health Poverty Action, Global Justice Now, Jubilee Debt Campaign and War on Want.

Monday 23rd September, 18:00 – 20:00, Revolution Bar, 77 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA. This event is open to all – no conference pass is required.

Speakers: John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor;Dan Carden MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development; Kenyan activist Firoze Manji; writer and academic Maya Goodfellow, Zita Holborne, PCS and other special guests.

Join speakers from around the world for a drinks reception where we will celebrate histories of resistance – from the fight against slavery, to 20th century anti-colonial struggles, and on to the present day. A vibrant spirit of international solidarity was key to all of these movements – our event will ask how can we build on that legacy to forge a new internationalism for the 21st century?

Find more information on Facebook and get your ticket via Eventbrite.

‘Drug Policy for the 21st Century: How Can Labour Prioritise Health and Development in its Approach To Drugs?’, hosted by Health Poverty Action and Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Tuesday 24th September, 12:30 -14:00, The Grand, Pavillion. A conference pass is required for this event.

Speakers: Jonathan Ashworth MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health; David Lammy MP; Pat Hudson, Anyone’s Child Activist; Martin Drewry, Health Poverty Action and Umzimvubu Farmers Support Network. 

The so called ‘war on drugs’ is collapsing. From Canada to Portugal, Bolivia to New Zealand, countries around the world are replacing outdated drug policies that destroy people’s health and livelihoods with alternatives such as decriminalisation and legal regulation. Join us to debate what drug policy reforms need to look like to reduce inequality and protect people’s health, and how Labour can champion both domestic and international development policies that promote people and public health.

‘Public Services, Global Solidarity – Fighting Privatisation across the World’, hosted by Health Poverty Action and Global Justice Now

Tuesday 24th September, 12:30 – 14:00, The Grand, GB2. Please note a conference pass is required for this event. 

Speakers: Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now; James Anthony, Vice President, UNISON; Baba Aye, Health and Social Sector Policy Officer, Public Services International; Dan Carden MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development and Natalie Sharples, Health Poverty Action.

From cuts to our NHS to the growth of low fee private schools, the fight against privatisation is global. Quality public services are fundamental to tackling poverty, yet current approaches push our failed model of public private partnerships on other countries, whilst ignoring the role that UK policies play in undermining public services around the world. Join us to discuss the role of quality public services in tackling global inequality, and what Labour can do to support people and public services around the world.

The World Transformed

‘A New Internationalism: Shaping Anti-Imperialist International Policies’, hosted by Health Poverty Action

Sunday 22nd September, 11:00 – 12:30, Green Door Stores, 4 Trafalgar Arches, Brighton BN1 4FQ. Please note a pass for The World Transformed is required

Speakers: Natalie Sharples, Health Poverty Action; Maya Goodfellow, writer and academic; Firoze Manji, Kenyan activist and academic and Dan Carden MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development. 

From trade to Yemen, imperialism is alive and well in Britain’s relations with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the mainstream narrative of so called ‘international development’ perpetuates the notion that the primary relationship between people in the UK and Global South is one of British charity. Join speakers including author and activist Firoze Manji, writer and academic Maya Goodfellow and Shadow Secretary of State Dan Carden MP for a debate and workshop. We will generate ideas for anti-imperialist foreign and international development policies and how to shape a new internationalism.

See more information here and book tickets on the TWT website.