The time has come to rename “Aid”

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Following a consultation to replace the damaging and neo-colonial  language of “aid” run across thirteen countries by  the Track Changing group of the Kampala Initiative, our organizations all pledge to replace the word “aid” with “Global Redistribution” or one of four alternatives (Global Solidarity; Global Equalization; Global Equity Gap; Global Collaboration).*

Whilst we recognise that we occasionally need to use the term “aid” to describe the current status quo, we commit to replacing it, wherever possible to better represent the relationship between the Minority and Majority worlds and more accurately describe the causes of poverty.

Hamimu Masudi, Co – Chair of the Track Changing Group of the Kampala Initiative said: “Like Nelson Mandela taught us, “Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Poverty and inequality are a result of historical legacies and a defective global economic order that uses its unfair rules to prey on and rig the Majority world out of the global economy. When used widely at all levels alternative names such as, ‘Global Redistribution’ has the potential to direct attention towards structural causes of poverty that the aid language undermines.”

Igbine Lizzy Nneka, campaigner and member of Track Changing Initiative said: “It’s time to call a spade a spade. We want to see a new narrative that tells the truth about poverty, inequality and poor health, that rebalances power, overcomes racist and colonially rooted stereotypes and that encourages people to take action worldwide in solidarity with one another”

We invite all organisations and individuals who communicate about international issues to join us and pledge to use the alternative words in their communications.

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*The words “fund” or “finance” or “budget” can be attached at the end as appropriate.

Signatories (07/04/22)


1 Innovations for Development (I4DEV), Uganda

2 LiveWell Initiative LWI Academy, Nigeria

3 Aid Aid Accountability Consortium,  Sierra Leone

4 Viva Salud, Belgium

5 Wemos, The Netherlands

6 Health Poverty Action, UK

7 Find Your Feet, UK

8 Peace Foundation, Pakistan

9 Public Health International consulting Center (PHICC), Cameroon

10 Human Rights Research Documentation Center (HURIC), Uganda

11 People’s Health Movement, Uganda Chapter

12 Ukana West 2 Community Based Health Initaitive (CBHI), Nigeria

13 Resultats Canada groupe Québec City, Canada

14 Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association, Nigeria

15 PHM Scotland, UK

16 Connected Advocacy, Nigeria

17 Union des Amis Socio Culturels d’Action en Developpement (UNASCAD), Haiti

18 Wote Youth Development Projects, Kenya

19 Herwa Community Development Initiative, Nigeria

20 Global Baptist mission, Nigeria

21 Hub Cymru Africa, Wales

22 Picture Impact, USA

23 Pemuda Tata Ruang, Indonesia

24 Fields of Green for ALL NPC, South Africa

25 Caritas Nyundo, Rwanda

26 Salem Health Project, UK

27 Share The World’s Resources, UK

28 Harm Reduction International, UK

29 Jubilee Debt Campaign

30 Students for Global Health UK

31 Abibinsroma Foundation, Ghana

32 Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, Sierra Leone

33 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Network, Sierra Leone

34 Simavi, Netherlands

Individual global solidarity practitioners

Professor Adenike Grange, United States

Adrian Schlegel,  Germany

Joan Okitoi-Heisig, Schweiz

Frederik Federspiel, Denmark

Giulietta Luul Balestra,  Italy

Wim Vandevelde, South Africa

Anakkale,  Turkey

Susan Titherley, UK

Martin Drewry, UK

Pamela Blakelock, UK

Sara Emanuel, UK

Lisa Rollisson, UK

Eden Fekade, UK

Pam Wortley, UK

Mushtaq Karimjee, UK

Judith Swain, UK

Francis O’Leary, UK

Kanisha Neal, USA

Zin Minn Oo, Myanmar

Peter Ngola Owiti, Kenya

Alec frank, UK

Michel Mankou, UK

Lakshmi Menon, India

Danny Davito Gotto, Uganda

Edward Staples, Canada

James Douglas Kay Finlayson, UK

Simon Heisig, Schweiz

Adrian Faiers, UK

Liteboho Nchoba, Lesotho

Monica Ravasio, Italy

Siaffa Bunduka, UK

Inbar Yaffe, Isreal

Henk-J Land, Netherlands

Mike Wheeler, UK

Anthony Boardman, UK

Rosie Buckland, UK

elisabeth june huws, Wales, UK

Shalini Soni, UK

Warren M. Gold, USA

Gjori Langeland, UK

Rachel Paton, UK

Helen Brock, UK

David Hope, UK

Jean Dodgeon, UK

Rachel Allen, UK

Juana Blyden Bhonopha, Sierra Leone

Miss Meena Baid, UK

John McClean, UK

Katie Sapphire-Star, UK

Lindsay Hope Kern, Northern Ireland, UK

Jo West, UK

Rosey Ellum, UK

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, UK

Stephen O’Neale, UK

Alan Schamroth, UK

James Okinyi OYUNGU, Kenya

Dhanraji Ramlakhan, Trinidad and Tobago

Irene Pearce, UK

Diana Englefield Forrest, UK

Ayesha Mayhew, UK

Jean Read, UK

Lesley Probert, UK

Layla Haidrani, UK

Salma Haidrani, UK

Mandy Kokani, UK

Alise Abadie, USA

Rosie Marie Martin, Wales

Kate Crichton, UK

Kenneth Amoateng, Ghana

Katy Cunningham, UK

Aaron Palmer, UK

Lucca-Jay Dibbern, UK

Alice Bradley, Scotland

Allison Anderson Boyd, UK

Samuel Walton, England