Improving maternal and child health in Myanmar

Saving children’s lives in Myanmar

In one of the most remote regions of Myanmar many children are needlessly dying from malnourishment and treatable diseases. Health Poverty Action has been providing primary health services to these poor communities by raising awareness about child nutrition and providing life-saving vaccinations.

The Challenges of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Myanmar

Many expectant mothers in Shan State are unable to reach the vital health services they need when they give birth. Health Poverty Action is supporting some of the poorest families to access health centres so women can give birth safely and receive the right care. Here are their stories.

Aunt, Mother, Neighbour. Lifesaver

Almost all women give birth at home, usually assisted by a traditional birth attendant (TBAs). Health Poverty Action has been training these women, who often are neighbours or relatives that are called upon to assist a birth, in performing basic antenatal checks and recognising situations in which they need to refer women to the hospital.

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