Spotlight Stories

Hear from some of the people and communities across the world who Health Poverty Action works alongside in the fight for better health.

Sayle and her babySayle

Sayle and her community move around a remote region of Ethiopia with their livestock. Despite living a long way from health facilities, she was able to get the trained medical care she needed during labour, thanks to the birth waiting homes set up by Health Poverty Action. Read more


Amelia is one of 67 community midwives in remote parts of Nicaragua who have been trained and equipped by Health Poverty Action to enable them to work more effectively. Find out how


6 year old Meng in Burma had been suffering with malaria for days by the time Health Poverty Action’s mobile medical team arrived in his community to test for malaria. Luckily we were able to provide the medicine he needed. Read more

Maria Pu CastroMaría

60-year-old María is a Traditional Birth Attendant in Guatemala. She is working with Health Poverty Action to ensure more mothers and babies have access to life-saving health care. Read her story


26 year old Jemi suffered from the debilitating childbirth injury of fistula, which damaged her life for a year. Now she is a volunteer Fistula Advocate for Health Poverty Action, supporting women and sharing her experiences. Read her story


Mamakoh lives in the Sella Limba Chiefdom in Sierra Leone, where she was able to benefit from Health Poverty Action’s work at many stages during her pregnancy. Read more

Sheik Abatesheik_abait_web_150

As an Islamic religious leader, Sheik Tesfaye Abate is a respected and influential member of his community in the Bale Lowlands, Ethiopia. Through out work, he has received training on leading open discussions about sensitive health issues which benefits his community. Find out how


Abeba is a Traditional Birth Attendant in a pastoralist area of South Omo, Ethiopia. Since receiving training on safe delivery and a delivery kit from Health Poverty Action, she has delivered over 60 babies. Read her story


Elias lives in Southern Rwanda. He is a farmer and has five children. He has been listening to Urunana – the Rwandan radio soap Health Poverty Action set up – for many years and has befitted from key information shared in the show. Read more

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