Elias lives in Southern Rwanda. He is a farmer and has five children. He has been listening to our Rwandan radio soap, Urunana, for four years.

The most memorable message he has learnt from it is that even if you are poor, you can work hard and eventually escape from poverty. He was very interested to learn that someone who wasn’t educated as a child can go back to school as an adult, like his favourite character Bushombe, who inspires him. He recalls that family planning is important because having a smaller family reduces poverty; and explains that by using condoms, HIV infection can be prevented.

He felt uneasy about the storyline where Stephane had a child with a woman who wasn’t his wife, and discussed it with his friends. He knows people who used to have unprotected sex but who since listening to Urunana have asked at the clinic for advice and now use condoms or try to abstain. He can’t think of his favourite Urunana episode, as he enjoyed all of them! He really hopes the actors will visit his village in future so he can see them perform live.

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