Speaking Out

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Health Poverty Action campaigners protesting to end tax dodging

Poverty and poor health are created. They are the result of political, social and economic decisions made by the most powerful.

Health Poverty Action works alongside some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world as they struggle for their health rights.

Beyond this work on the ground, we are part of a global movement seeking to tackle the root causes of poor health and poverty by speaking out and calling for change.

Speaking Out

We speak out to challenge the structures and systems that keep people poor, and to hold those responsible to account.

We live in a world in which wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. The wealthy can use their influence to shape policies and practices that suit them, meanwhile others struggle.

Health Poverty Action campaigns to break this vicious cycle through actions that address the root causes of poverty and tackle inequality.

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Find out more about the areas we are currently working on:

Changing track

Every year, governments are diverting $1 trillion dollars away from people and public services into the hands of big companies. Our briefing outlines why we need to put people before corporations. Find out more

The Alternatives

Our new video and report takes a look at the countries taking alternative approaches to creating healthier lives. Find out more

Rethink Drug Policy

The so called 'war on drugs' has failed on its own terms, and is causing huge harm to people around the world. A serious rethink is long overdue. Find out more

Tax and Trade

Health systems across the Global South are short of cash. Yet the rules of the tax and trade systems are taking resources away from healthcare. Find out more

Africa's billion dollar losses

Our second Honest Accounts report reveals that the rest of the world is benefitting from its wealth Find out more

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