Urgent Appeal: Drought in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. Consecutive years of low rainfall has culminated in the most severe drought to hit many communities across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

Health Poverty Action has been working with communities within these countries for years and we have seen the consequence of climate change. Now, as thousands of people’s lives are threatened, we turn to you. 

Failures of crops are leading to severe food shortages and surges in prices, with many children acutely malnourished. Death of livestock is destroying people’s livelihoods and sources of food.

The poorest are forced to use unsafe water sources, leading to increasing incidences of life-threatening waterborne diseases like cholera. Millions of people will be impacted by this drought without support. 

Give to the urgent appeal today, and help mitigate the effects of the drought


Health Poverty Action works alongside communities to safeguard people’s health over many years. We stand alongside communities long after disaster strikes. We strengthen healthcare systems within countries and work with the people who need the most support. 

Health Poverty Action does not only respond to crises, but we also speak on the issues that matter, to tackle the causes of disasters and inequality. The global community should have acted yesterday on climate change. We are now seeing the consequences of this inaction.  

The most marginalised communities are disproportionately impacted yet are consistently excluded from the conversation. By supporting Health Poverty Action, you are not only helping tackle the immediate effects of poverty, but also ensuring that we can advocate at the global level for impactful change. 

Give to the urgent appeal and help provide long-term support to improve people's health


HPA cannot act without the continued and vital support of people making donations. Large or small, your contribution is immensely appreciated. Please consider contributing whatever you can to this appeal today.

  • £5 could cover the cost of fuel for community workers to visit remote communities to provide support and information around health and wellbeing
  • £15 could help to provide 8 undernourished children with the emergency food needed to improve their health
  • £68 could pay for a training session on management and maintenance of water points


Health Poverty Action

Relief Web: “Horn of Africa Drought: Regional Humanitarian Overview & Call to Action (Revised 21 September 2022)”