Women’s Empowerment Appeal

Health Poverty Action and Find Your Feet are working with women globally to challenge gender inequality. Donate to our Women’s Empowerment Appeal and support women demanding fair and equal access to opportunities, resources, healthcare and a higher quality of life.

Women’s empowerment means several things. It means bringing women to the forefront of decision-making in communities. It means demanding the economic and social empowerment of women. It means using our political voice to advocate for women.

Without empowering women, we cannot improve people’s livelihoods and health. Without the input of women, we cannot secure health justice for all.

That is why we address the many inequalities that women face in our work.

Please give to our Women’s Empowerment Appeal and help to build healthier, more prosperous lives for all.

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Empowering women who have experienced gender-based violence

In Rwanda we work with women who have experienced gender-based violence (Gender-based violence is violence directed against a person because of their gender or violence that disproportionately affects persons of a particular gender. You can see our definition here).

Many of these women faced destitution. After having the bravery to leave abusive relationships or seek support after horrific experiences, they are often left without an income to support themselves or their children.

Alongside our partners we bring together women who have had similar experiences – and provide safe spaces where they can discuss their rights, access key services, learn skills, develop businesses and support each other.

Act in solidarity with women in Rwanda, and please give today

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Our approach

Health Poverty Action and Find Your Feet focus on supporting the most marginalised women. These women often face discrimination, due to their social class, their ethnic background, and their existence as women.

How do we do this?

  • We promote social and policy change to address systemic issues which contribute to the marginalisation of these women.
  • We focus on women-led initiatives, such as our programmes tackling multiple barriers in sexual and reproductive health.
  • We support women and girls to define their social, economic and health needs and defend their rights.

Not only do women deserve equal rights and opportunities – gender equality and women’s full enjoyment of human rights are essential to economic and social development.

At Health Poverty Action we know that improving women’s rights is essential to achieving health for all. Please give whatever you can today and stand with women who are defending their rights and demanding justice.

Please give whatever you can today and stand with women demanding equality

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What could the impact of your donation be?

  • £28


    could cover the cost of training one woman in sustainable and organic farming methods

  • £64

    Economic Empowerment

    could cover the cost of technical training and business start-up funding for a woman who has experienced gender-based violence

  • £188

    Long-term support

    could pay a month’s salary for a social worker who ensures the most vulnerable and marginalised women and girls get the support they need in their communities