Global drug policy is a barrier to climate justice

Watch our latest video showing how drug policy and climate change are linked!

Watch our latest video

Health Poverty Action are committed to tackling inequality meaningfully. To us, this means using our voice to condemn political action that increases inequality. We speak on issues that other non-profits may avoid or be hesitant to, including the opportunities to strengthen sustainable development through the legal regulation of drugs.

The consequences of making the drugs trade illegal, has allowed for those most vulnerable in society to be exploited, harmed and criminalised. Those dependent on growing drugs for their livelihood, those living in communities where their governments have been weakened due to corruption, those living in the middle of battles between gangs and police, or those in need of drugs for pain relief.

Prohibition of drugs has created an unregulated, untaxed, purely profit driven trade.

Many forests regions, fundamental to capturing carbon and mitigating climate change, are now managed by Organised Crime Groups.  It is through these forests that drugs are trafficked. It is also where the ‘dirty’ money from the trade is laundered into other illegal trades, such as illegal logging or cattle farming.

This means that criminal organisations, not governments, have control of these precious resources. Governments are weakened, and even left dysfunctional by corruption and extortion. Which in turn undermines their ability to deliver climate resiliant development and climate justice.

We need impactful drug policy for people and the climate now.

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