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Back to school with PhotoVoice!


School children in Rwanda learn to use cameras for their PhotoVoice project.

School children in Rwanda learn to use cameras for their PhotoVoice project.


It’s September – the nights are drawing in, the autumn wind is upon us and the kids are back to school. Here at Health Poverty Action, we know all about the importance and impact of education.

Last year we teamed up with PhotoVoice to visit schools in Rwanda to help students tell their stories through the images that mean something to them. PhotoVoice taught them to use cameras to document their daily life to share with school children in the UK.


“Our school educates us in different ways. It equips us with knowledge and other skills by encouraging us to be the models in our society. The school has other facilities like playing grounds which allow us to have fun.” Fabiola Manirakiza

“I took this picture to show how students are happy for the new Ecosan toilets that were built at our school.” Serafina Ishmwe

“At school, the students are dancing.” Theogene Kubwimana

Projects like this are important because they help to highlight the similarities of children everywhere. It is important that children in the UK understand and stand up for the rights that they are entitled to, but also stand up for rights of children from around the world.

Which is exactly what they have been doing, through our initiative “The School Stomp”.

The Stomp’s message is simple: to stamp out inequality.

We aim to engage children about their basic rights to shelter, food & water and to healthcare. We then educate them on the importance of these rights to all children around the world. The Stomp itself gives students a chance to do an activity that is good for their health whilst also raising money to improve the health of children worldwide.

It is an opportunity for a whole school to stand in solidarity with other children and help to stamp out inequality.


It is our hope that the School Stomp will give UK students the chance to learn about global issues in an accessible way, and also enable them to work in partnership with amazing children like those shown in the PhotoVoice project.

The money raised through these Stomps has a huge impact on the health of the communities we work with, enabling children to grow up healthy. Our work with PhotoVoice has given us insight into the lives of the children that we work with in Rwanda. As you can see from the photos, the children used what they learnt from PhotoVoice to document what education means to them, and the types of jobs that they would like to have in the future:


mathematics exercises on the blackboard

“Students are doing mathematics exercises on the blackboard at school.” Rachel Kwizera

 laboratory technician

“I would like to become a laboratory technician.” Afissa Uwitinze

“After studying, I want to become a teacher. I will teach the students reading, writing and accounting. I will train them to be honest, well behaved and to respect others.” Arine Uwase

Long term, we want to engage more and more students in global justice and health rights. We hope that this will inspire the next generation to want to help bring about long-term, substantial change and really drive forward our vision of health rights for all.

For more information check out our school initiatives.

We always go to school with our uniforms on

“We always go to school with our uniforms on.” Muragijimana Epiphanie

“These girls were revising their courses as it is important to read after classes.” Rebecca Ishimwe

“I took this photo to show that we do not only learn theory but also from practices such as cultivating and farming that equips us with knowledge which will be used in future.” Emmanuel Ndayisenga

To donate to Health Poverty Action, and support the work we do with children and their communities, please follow this link: https://www.healthpovertyaction.org/support-our-work/give/

To find out more about the work that PhotoVoice do, including how they are using photography to bridge gaps between cultural and language barriers to bring about social change, visit their website.

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