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Climate change and health

Date posted: 22nd April, 2018

Climate change poses huge threats to the sustainability of the environmental resources we all depend on. It also threatens human health and could increase social instability.


Neglected tropical diseases

Date posted: 28th February, 2018

Neglected tropical diseases affect 1.4 billion people in the world’s poorest countries, but they could be safely and cheaply treated


Tax and trade rules

Date posted: 25th February, 2018

Health systems across the Global South are short of cash. Yet the rules of the tax and trade systems are taking resources away from healthcare.


What does ‘social justice’ mean to you?

Date posted: 20th February, 2018

Today is the World Day of Social Justice. An opportunity to focus our attention on efforts to tackle the many injustices persisting across the world.


Laying the foundations for a healthier world

Date posted: 30th January, 2018

Wherever we live, we want similar things. To live peaceful lives in a supportive community, have access to health care for our families when we are sick, and an education for our children that gives them a solid foundation for their futures.