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London Marathon 2017: Congratulations #TeamHPA!


Thank you to each and every one of our incredible runners who completed the London Marathon 2017 on behalf of Health Poverty Action! We hope you are very proud of yourselves for such a magnificent lifetime achievement.

#TeamHPA all put a phenomenal amount of effort into both training and fundraising. Often our runners went for training runs on the COLDEST winter nights, after work in the rain and even whilst it was hailing. Despite practising in the cold (apart from Pau who trained in Spain), they all smashed the London Marathon on a hot Sunday in April – with some of our runners even getting sunburnt!

Thank you to all 27 runners for soldiering on and passing the finish line to support the communities we work alongside around the world. A special mention must be made for Adrian, who was accidentally tripped during the race, hurting his knee. He heroically continued right until the end – what commitment!

Our runners this year, were yet again, hugely imaginative in their fundraising and have so far raised an incredible £52,959– with money still coming in! Fundraising events included; Mexican bunches, concerts, film screenings, yoga sessions, cheese & wine nights, work quizzes, raffles, non uniform days, restaurant take over’s, 10k/Half Marathon runs, soirees, village fairs, cake sales, busking, car washes, pamper nights… (to name a few). We are also hugely grateful to all the friends, family and work colleagues who donated so generously to our team’s pages.

Thank you again to this great group of people for dedicating so much time and effort to this epic challenge:

Alfredo, Adrian, Grace, Ben V, Kelly, Jordan & Matt, Tori, Ben T, James, Gemma, Joe, Pau, Laurie, Andy, Katie, Mark, Josh, James, Philip, Jordan Henwood, Chris, John, Anna, Ashleigh, Tom & Fiodhna!

Thank you for helping to make ‘health for all’ more than just an aspiration.

If you are feeling inspired, and want to be a part of the Health Poverty Action Marathon Team in 2018, get in touch with Jess at j.scott@healthpovertyaction.org

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