As One

When we work together – As One – we can achieve so much more

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A global movement designed by UK health professionals who want to stand ‘As One’, as equals, to empower, to support and share expertise with colleagues worldwide.

What is ‘As One’?

A movement designed to support health professionals who work in incredibly challenging circumstances abroad; a lack of resources and geographical isolation makes it hard for them to do their jobs. Together, as health professionals, we can share knowledge, expertise and resources.

How can I be involved?



In 1984 a young British doctor returned from Afghanistan with a profound understanding of the connection between health and poverty. He wrote a vivid account of life in marginalised communities for the Guardian newspaper. At the bottom of the article was his phone number and a request that anyone interested in strengthening health services globally should contact him.

The responses were overwhelming. Doctors, nurses and development workers assembled to become the first Health Poverty Action staff and set up an organisation that would stand in partnership with marginalised communities around the world for decades to come.

Just like in 1984, we are looking for UK health professionals who believe in a fair and just world in which ‘health for all’ is more than just an aspiration.

Who will I be supporting?

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