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When we work together – As One – we can achieve so much more

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My name is Rory, and I’m a GP partner and a public health doctor working in the UK.

This month, I’m asking my fellow doctors to stand As One with primary healthcare professionals around the world. All it takes is one cremation form.



The conditions for many of the primary healthcare professionals Health Poverty Action works with are exceptionally challenging. Poverty, a lack of resources and geography all make it hard for primary healthcare professionals to reach the most isolated. But despite these challenges they, like us, are determined to deliver the best possible care to their patients.


“It is really hurting me a lot to see a patient dying because of a small number of qualified doctors to deal with the number of patients received… I am very concerned by inaccessibility of poor people to quality health care. Even those who managed to meet a doctor, many of them do not afford the cost of prescribed medication and consequently they don’t recover. Thanks to Health Poverty Action, we have supported some cases to acquire medicines. Lives have been saved.”

 Dr. Dieudonné Dusaberurema, Specialist in Physiotherapy, Rwanda


By supporting the As One campaign and donating the fee we receive for completing just one cremation form, we can work together with primary healthcare professionals like Dr Dusaberurema to ensure that everyone receives the healthcare they need.


I feel that the coordination with Health Poverty Action is important because it has helped us to give knowledge to the community network, which is made up of midwives and communities health leaders, so that they can help in cases of health difficulties in their communities. I would like to focus more on prevention and promotion by providing workshops so we can get ahead of the difficulties. Working in co-ordination we achieve much more impact and improve the health situations of communities.”

 Carmen Ortiz, Nurse, Waspam Municipality, Nicaragua


The scale of the challenges facing poor communities is huge. However, if we come together As One, we can help address those challenges and ensure that ‘Health for All’ is more than just an aspiration.

I’ll be donating my cremation form fees to Health Poverty Action this month, and I hope you will too.


£82 could...


£82 could equip a health facility for a week with the essential drugs, tools and equipment needed to deliver emergency obstetric care.




£65 could...


£65 could pay for a midwife to attend a training session to enable her to better support and advise women on reproductive rights, family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.




£49 could...


£49 could help fund a local radio advert to deliver vital health information to communities with high rates of illiteracy.



To stand – As One – with hundreds of primary healthcare professionals around the world, please donate a single cremation form fee this month.

If you don’t fill in cremation forms, or your fee goes straight to your practice, please still consider making a donation to support your colleagues around the world.

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