Looking for a Summer Term activity to burn off some of that extra post-exam energy? Enter, the SCHOOL STOMP!


The School Stomp is a sponsored protest walk for the whole school to raise money for the world’s poorest children to give them the essential health care and futures they deserve. It’s a healthy and fun way for students to raise money and awareness for the health issues faced by children all over the world.


How your money could be spent: 96p of every £1 donated to Health Poverty Action goes towards our work overseas. And what’s more, due to the way we are funded, for every £1 raised by the general public, we are able to raise a further £14 from larger institutional funders

Still looking for more ways to get your school involved with Health Poverty Action? Take a look at our brand new School Calendar and take on whatever suits you:

What’s coming up for our school supporters 2018-2019? Get in touch to find out more. *Dates are flexible, find out if there’s a concert happening near you!

Health Heroes is a creative whole school event that encourages students to celebrate the work of real life health heroes, whilst learning how they can support them to bring about health rights for all. On Health Heroes Day, students wear their own mask and are encouraged to discuss the super powers they would have if they were real life health heroes.


To take part, get in touch with Verity who can help you run your event with minimal effort and maximum success!



Both events creatively engage students in global issues and incorporate fundamental school values like PSHE, SMSC, British Values, Rights Respecting and Healthy Schools.

By supporting Health Poverty Action, students are working in partnership and standing up for health rights and justice for all.

Get in touch with Verity ( if you’d like to organise your own event or are looking for your school’s next charity of the year!

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