Health Heroes

Millions of people – in the world’s poorest communities – are denied their right to health because of the extreme poverty they are born into.

This is wrong, and there are people living in these communities who are not prepared to accept this injustice. These people work tirelessly to bring about change – improving their people’s health, and fighting poverty. They achieve inspiring things. We call them Health Heroes.

Health Heroes Day encourages students to:

  • Celebrate the work of real life Health Heroes
  • Learn about how their real life superpowers improve health and tackle poverty
  • Learn how we can support them to bring about health rights
  • See how fundraising can make a difference to the lives of other children

It’s a whole school initiative that creatively engages students in global issues and incorporates fundamental school values such as PSHE, SMSC, British Values, Rights Respecting and Healthy Schools.


How Does My School Get Involved?

On Health Heroes Day, students work in partnership with some of the world’s poorest communities. By bringing in £1 to wear their mask for the day, students are providing the support needed for real life Health Heroes to do fantastic things in their communities around the world.

Get in touch with our friendly Community & Events team to arrange your Health Heroes Day! Choose a time and date that would suit your school and get in touch with Adam who can personally help you arrange your event.

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