Our latest campaign reports

Learn about all of our most recent campaigns by reading our latest reports:

Changing track

Every year, governments are diverting $1 trillion dollars away from people and public services into the hands of big companies. Our briefing outlines why we need to put people before corporations. Find out more

Cannabis: Reglate it. Tax it. Support the NHS. Promote public health

Read our new report calling for a regulated cannabis market to support public health Read the report

Building a 21st century approach to drugs

The so called ’war on drugs’ is collapsing. Read our recommendations on how we can build the alternative. Read our report

The Alternatives

Read our new report exploring the alternative approaches that are helping people to lead a life in full. Read our report

Reclaiming Internationalism

We must ensure that we look beyond Britain’s borders to build a world which works for the many, not the few. Read our report

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